2/27: Self Portrait 2a: DavE Romm Tires of Fanac



Assignment: Self Portrait
The third floor of my parent's house. Using a timer, I took a picture of me typing a fanzine. Note mimeo stencil hanging from lamp, with an electrostencil pasted in. Note also a plastic model of the Goodyear Blimp poorly superimposed over the typer. Hence it's one of my few pictures with an official title.
I sent this picture off to Donn Brazier, who published it in his fanzine Title, adding the words coming out of the typer.
Historical notes: I still have the typewriter and the dictionary to the right, and I'm pretty sure the zine was an issue of my personalzine Impressions. This is from at least 1975 and probably not from the original assignment, but I can't think of when else I had access to a darkroom and am including it here. The next picture is the original without the blimp or Donn's addition.
The picture was also used for a photo album I brought to Minicon 25 in 1990, which I'll recreate RealSoonNow.

DavE Romm Tires of Fanac


tires_of_fanac.jpg used in Title

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