Picture Gallery One

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Shockwave Riders
Jesse Ventura and Dave Romm Anne Simon
Jesse "The Governor" Ventura and Dave 9/9/99
listen to interview
Anne Simon
"The Real Science Behind
The X-Files"
New KFAI Studios Oct. 2001Dave Romm Oct. 2001 Brian Westley and Doug Friauf Oct. 2001
New KFAI Studios
October 2001
What Brian and Doug See
What Dave Sees
KFAI Brian Doug Doug
Old KFAI Air Studio
Brian Westley
go to his site
Doug Friauf
Doug Friauf
Jerry Space Suited Dave MST3K 4sj
Jerry Stearns
Dave in Space Suit
Dan Coffey (Dr. Science)
w/Brian and Dave at MST3K HQ
Forrest J. Ackerman and Dave
Convergence 7/3/99
Elizabeth Bendtsen
Minnesota State Fair 9/6/98
she wrote inscription which reads:
"Opportunity To Fullfill Potential"

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