Fringe Festival, Uptown Art Fair, Shockwave Radio

The Minnesota Fringe Festival 2005 was held August 4-14, 2005, with the Visible Fringe starting earlier. Also during August, i went to the Uptown Art Fair and had several Fringe people on Shockwave Radio. Several interviews I did in this period as well as the broadcast shows are collected at my Fringe 05 page and all the audio files are accessible through the Shockwave Radio Audio page. I went to and reviews 24 shows in 2005, easily breaking my previous record, but well under 2006.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
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Visible Fringe 1

Visible Fringe 2

Visible Fringe 3

Uptown Art Fair 1

Uptown Art Fair 2

Uptown Art Fair 3

Uptown Art Fair 4

Ryan Paulson 1

Ryan Paulson 2

Doug Friauf and parents

Shockwave Riders 8/6/05

Scott Pakudaitis


Nibblers Shark


Fringegoer 1

Fringegoer 2

Fringegoer 3


Loring Park

Prof. Moriarty
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London After Midnight
book drawing

Shockwave Riders 8/13/05

Shockwave Riders 8/20/05

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