Summer 2006

A summer of babies, politics, parties, Fringe Festival; old friends and new. I wandered near and far.
I didn't take many pictures at any one event, but brought my camera along to parties and a trip to Boston to see my new niece.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
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Alice 1

Alice 2

Wolf 3

Cryo Ruggie,
Wolf and dog 4

Cryo Ruggie and Wolf 5

Mrs. Cryo Ruggie 6

Leah Cooper
at Fringe-For-All

Baron Dave Romm
w/candidate Keith Ellison

Baron Dave Romm
w/candidate Alan Fine


David Wilford and dog 2

Angel and Logan 3

Scott Raun 4


Logan escapes! 6

Lily 1

Lily 2

Lily 3

Nora and Lily 4

Uncle Dave and Lily 5

Proud father Dean
shows Lily to
Great-Aunt Ethel 6

at Historical Society 7

in his office 8

Lee Grodzins
80th Birthday Party 9

Birthday Boy 10

Al & Kate

Erik & Cory 1

Erik, Cory & Aliera 2

Nate Bucklin 3

Nate Bucklin 4

Nate Bucklin 5

Nate Bucklin 6

Nate Bucklin 7

Hands 8

Reen Brust 9

Carolyn & Reen 10

Toni & Erik 11

Dee 12

Bridget Bradshaw
TAFF winner in Mpls

Baron Dave & Bug

Parking Garage 1

Fringe Festival display 2

Calculus: The Musical 3

The Depth
of the Ocean 4

The Depth
of the Ocean 5

Fringe Art 6

Fringe Art 7

Love In A Time Of
Rinderpest 8

Fringe Festival
Out-of-towners 9

1926 Pleasant 10

1926 Pleasant 11

Watching Porn 12

Rats In The Wall 13

Richard Tatge 14

KFAI Picnic 1

Ken Hippler 2

Pam Hill Kroyer 3

Dave & Pam 4

Carol & friend 1

Bill 2

Tonic Sol-Fa 3

Candidates 4

Gary Eichten 5

Parade at Fair 6

Band at Fair 7

Kid with butterflies 8

Butterfly 9

Butterfly on hat 10

Baron Dave
and butterfly friends 11

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