Minicon 2007

Minicon 42, Bloomington, MN
April 6-8, 2007CE

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Globe Puzzle



Mary Kay Kare

Scott Raun
Sprinkling Sugar

LiveJournal Party


Katie and Dean

Katie Nelson

John Stanley

Karen Babich


Ken Fletcher

LiveJournal Party

Bill Higgins

Amalgamated Spleen 1

Amalgamated Spleen 2


Matt Brogmus

Christine LaBounty

Lucia Johnson

Myrna Parmentier

Erin McKee

Emily Stewart

Martin and Magenta

Geri Sullivan

Dylan and Jason

Bruce, Karen, Lynn

Glenn Tenhoff

Jeff Schalles

Sharon, Rachel, Don

Don Bailey

Kevin Austin

John Rezmerski

Music Circle 1

John Stanley 2

Becca Allen 3

Music Circle 4

Music Circle 5

Nate Bucklin 6

Music Circle 7

Becca Allen 8

Laramie Sasseville 9

Money Duck

Money Duck

Card Game

Rand and Beth

Rand, Relaxing On Ben

David Dyer-Bennet

De Lint/Vess
Autographing Session 1

De Lint/Vess
Autographing Session 2

Ellie 3

Ellie 4

Ruth Laurel, Jane 1

John, Rebecca 2

Terry Garey 3

Fiona and Corwin


Closing Ceremonies 1

Closing Ceremonies 2

Marion Turner 3

Thorin Tatge 4

Joel Phillips 5

Ben Huset 6

Rachel Kronick 7

Charles Vess 8

Charles Vess 9

Charles De Lint and
MaryAnn Harris 10

Defaced Dealer Dollar
of/by Charles De Lint 11

Defaced Dealer Dollar
of/by Charles Vess 12

Rachel Kronick 13

Lydia Nickerson 14

DD-B and Juan

Money Duck 1

Money Duck 2

Chas and Bonnie 3

Bonnie and Graham 4

Bonnie Somdahl 5

Graham Leathers 6

Graham Leathers 7

Graham, Karen, Erik 8

Karen Cooper 9

Erik and Becca 10

Erik Emery 11

Becca Allen 12

Rachel Kronick 13

Dee and Corwin 14

Delia 15

Delia 16

Delia 17

Rob Ihinger 18

Fiona 19

Fiona 20

Fiona 21

Fiona 22

Teardown 1

Teardown 2

Dean Gahlon
At Home 1

A Game of Zar 2

A Game of Zar 3

Abigail 4

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