Marscon, Feb 29-Mar 2 2008CE

Marscon is a science fiction convention held this year at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington MN.
Marscon 2008's attendance leaped to 841, and people came for one aspect of the convention and completely missed other parts.
I tried to visit, however briefly, most of the con, but missed some aspects as well.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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Read about our Guests and see some cat macros using pictures from the con

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Volunteers Table



Wooden Roses

Rick Gellman

Sword Seller in
Dealers Room

Eric Heideman in

Baby's First Con

2 Flutes

2 Flutes

Floor Conversation

Eric Coleman and guest

In The Hall


Jodi Klug

Shiny Ladies

Naomi Kritzer and
C. Robert Cargill

Mario at
Opening Ceremonies 1

Opening Ceremonies 2

Opening Ceremonies 3

Mystery Box 4

Brian and Luke 5

Q*bert 6

Opening Ceremonies 7

Koaomi Code 8

Mark Boenish 9

Ms. Pac-Man 10

Ms. Pac-Man 11

Opening Ceremonies 12

Blinky 13

Brian and Nicky at
Opening Ceremonies 14

Luke and Beth 1

Beth Kinderman 2

Beth and Dave 3

Nikki Walker 4

Justin Hartley 5

Player Characters 6

Dave Stagner 7

AP Nateboi
amid audience

Eric Coleman 1

Eric Coleman 2

Eric Coleman 3

Eric Coleman 4

Beth at Merch Table 5

Eric and Emi 6

the great Luke Ski


Cosmic Tulip Lounge 1

Cosmic Tulip Lounge 2

Cards at the
MN-StF Party


Peace Bonding 1

Peace Bonding 2



Panel at

Mike wearing
balloon spider hat

Bloody Alice

Audience of
Dementia Track 1

Rob Balder and
Chris Mezzolesta 2

Devo Spice 3

Rob Balder 4

Audience of
Dementia Track 1

Hot Waffles

Hot Waffles 2

Taping the Waffles 3

Sam 4

A Lone Camera 5

Carrie and Josh Laughing 6

Carrie and Josh Laughing 7

Tim Waffle 8

Science Room 1

Michael Kauper 2

In The Science Room 3

In The Science Room 4


Dave in the
Elevator Lobby. 13th Fl

Dementia Dinner 1

Demantia Dinner 2

[Redacted] 3

Dementia Dinner 4

Dementia Dinner 5

Dementia Dinner 6

Geisha 1

Geisha 2

League of Justice



Klingon Tourist

Matt and Kelly Straight

Keith and Anda Malgren

Naomi and Rachel

Martin and Magenta


Gene 1

Ben 2

Karaoke 3

Annie 4

at karaoke 5

Karaoke 6

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