Summer 2007CE

Between April and September of 2007 of the Common Era, I attended several events.
I lumped the pictures into one gallery for autobiographical accessibility and nostalgia.
The gallery spans two pages and I've further broken the flow of pictures with chapter headings.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture and further annotation.
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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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Harry and the Potters continues from the previous page of Summer 2007 : 1-85 | 86-156

20070716potter_11corwin 20070716potter_12crowd 20070716potter_13crowd 20070716potter_15guitar 20070716potter_20crowd
Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters
20070716potter_21crowd 20070716potter_22crowd 20070716potter_23wand 20070716potter_24reading  
Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters
The Wand
Reading In The Park

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last in the series, was released worldwide to great fanfare.
The Barnes & Noble store at the Mall of America had a huge party
leading up to the midnight July 21, 2007 release of the book.
Listen to the Shockwave Radio Theater podcast of people's reaction before and after the release.
  Book Release Event
20070720potter_01hagrid 20070720potter_02shark 20070720potter_04level 20070720potter_05joe 20070720potter_06snot
Touching A Shark
Upper Levels of the Mall
Scientist Joe Does Magic
Troll Snot
20070720potter_07shark 20070720potter_10snake 20070720potter_11snake 20070720potter_12hat 20070720potter_13tarot
Baron Dave Touches A Shark
Sorting Hat
Tarot Reading
20070720potter_14interview 20070720potter_15palm 20070720potter_16kids 20070720potter_17interview 20070720potter_18jeff
Palm Reading
Kids' Activity
Jeff McNair
20070720potter_19stage 20070720potter_21balloon 20070720potter_22balloon 20070720potter_23conf  
The Rotunda of the Mall
Balloons at Midnight
Balloons at Midnight
Confetti and Balloons

MN-StF Picnic and Convergence Volunteer Party July 21, 2007.
Many people had already finished the Harry Potter book, released less than a day earlier.
  Board Game
20070721picnic_02table 20070721picnic_03grill 20070721picnic_05pameric 20070721picnic_06deaneric 20070721picnic_07lydy
Picnic Table
Erin at the Grill
Pamela and Eric
Dean and Eric
Madame President
20070721picnic_08listen 20070721picnic_09scott 20070721picnic_10seth 20070721picnic_11tambu 20070721picnic_12dogs
Listening To The President
Scott Raun
Seth Briedbart
20070721picnic_15scott 20070721picnic_16bubbles 20070721volparty_17eowyn  
Scott Raun
Seven and Bubbles!

My Visit To The Minnesota State Fair August 24, 2007CE
  20070824fair01ducks 20070824fair02ducks
  Baby Ducks
Baby Ducks
20070824fair03sign 20070824fair04tram 20070824fair05deere 20070824fair06tractor 20070824fair08jack
1929 John Deere
The Big Four
Lumberjack Contest - Chainsaw
20070824fair11jack 20070824fair16jack 20070824fair18jack 20070824fair21jack 20070824fair22jack
Lumberjack Contest - Hatchet Throw
Lumberjack Contest - Chopping
Lumberjack Contest - Chopping
Lumberjack Contest - Chainsaw Art
Lumberjack Contest - Chainsaw Art
20070824fair25jack 20070824fair28jack 20070824fair30jack 20070824fair31solar 20070824fair32map
Lumberjack Contest - Chainsaw Art
Lumberjack Contest - Young Volunteer
Lumberjack Contest - Pole Climbing
Solar Panels
Wooden Map of Minnesota
20070824fair33map 20070824fair34llama 20070824fair35fries 20070824fair36alpaca 20070824fair38mischke
Wooden Map of Minnesota
Llama in Craft Display
Fresh French Fries
T.D. Mischke
20070824fair40mischke 20070824fair41diane 20070824fair42diane 20070824fair44dnr 20070824fair46dnr
T.D. Mischke
Sword Swallower on the Radio
Sword Swallower on the Radio

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