Minicon 2008

Minicon 43 was held March 21-23, 2008CE.
My brother Dan came in from West Virginia and we did a bid of sightseeing and he came to the con.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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Brothers Dan and Dave 20080319minicon002danvenus 20080319minicon003rachelddb 20080319minicon004beth 20080319minicon005chas
Brothers Dan and Dave
Dan at Work Party
Rachel and DD-B
Dan and Beth
Chas Displaying Ribbons
20080319minicon007seven 20080319minicon008bill 20080319minicon009peer 20080319minicon010richard 20080319minicon011rachel
Bill Christ
Peer Makes A Sign
Richard Makes A Sign
Rachel Makes A Sign
20080319minicon012rachel 20080320minicon013matt 20080320minicon014heraton 20080320minicon015mattsheratonsm.jpg 20080320minicon016kaylee
Matt Strait
Matt and Hotel
20080320minicon017richard 20080320minicon019sharon 20080320minicon020marilee 20080320minicon021dinner 20080320minicon022dinner
Richard Tatge
Sharon Kahn
Marilee Layman
Dinner Expedition
Dinner Expedition
20080320minicon024peggy 20080320minicon025registrationsm.jpg 20080320minicon026tapefloor 20080320minicon027seven 20080320minicon029turtle
Peggy O'Neill
Thursday Set-Up
SEven Stringing Lights
Turtle In Consuite
20080320minicon030tapefloor 20080321minicon048tapefloor 20080320minicon031phyllis 20080320minicon032phyllis 20080320minicon034alexphyllissm.jpg
Set-Up 1
Set-Up 2
Phyllis Eisenstein
Phyllis Eisenstein
Alex and Phyllis Eisenstein
20080320minicon035puzzle 20080321minicon038dan 20080321minicon041dan 20080321minicon039beth 20080321minicon040jane
Puzzle Commences
Dan Helps Out
Dan Helps Out
Beth Proudly Displays
Jane Yolen Explains
20080321minicon042eric_5f59 20080321minicon043marilee 20080321minicon044carol 20080321minicon045samsdot 20080321minicon046gamer
Eric Heidman and Sharon Kahn
Marilee Layman
Carol at Registration
Sam's Dot Publishing
Gamer in Dealers Room
20080321minicon049reading 20080321minicon052regi_5f7c 20080321minicon051kids 20080321minicon050reynolds 20080321minicon053reynolds
Reading in the Consuite
Kids at Registration
Alastair Reynolds
Alastair Reynolds
20080321minicon054reynolds 20080321minicon055reynolds 20080321minicon056panel 20080321minicon058neiljane 20080321minicon059kevi_5f89
Alastair Reynolds
Alastair Reynolds
Neil and Jane
Kevin at Gaming
20080321minicon060reynolds 20080321minicon061reynoldsshawnasm.jpg 20080321minicon062opcer 20080321minicon063opcer 20080321minicon064chairs
Alastair Reynolds 1
Shawna and Alastair 2
Opening Ceremonies 3
Opening Ceremonies 4
Con Chairs 5
20080321minicon065polly 20080321minicon066reynolds 20080321minicon068kati_5f9c 20080321minicon069puzzle 20080321minicon070kids
Polly Peterson 6
Alastair, Michael, Neil
Katie and Ralph
Puzzle continues
Kids at Minicon
20080321minicon071karen 20080321minicon072davi_5fa2 20080321minicon074karen 20080321minicon075karen 20080321minicon076karen
Karen's Time Capsule 1
David S. Cargo 2
Karen's Time Capsule 3
Karen's Time Capsule 4
Karen's Time Capsule 5
20080321minicon077karen 20080321minicon078karen 20080321minicon087karen 20080321minicon089karen 20080321minicon081kare_5fb9
Karen's Time Capsule 6
Karen's Time Capsule 7
Karen's Time Capsule 8
Karen's Time Capsule 9
Karen's Time Capsule 10
20080321minicon083sharon 20080321minicon085ctein 20080321minicon086karen 20080321minicon091karen 20080321minicon093puzzle
Karen's Time Capsule 11
Ctein 12
Karen's Time Capsule 13
Karen's Time Capsule 14
Puzzle continues
20080321minicon094cory 20080321minicon095mara_5fd6 20080321minicon096marah 20080321minicon097lydyctein 20080322minicon098consuite
Corwin Brust
Marah and Diane
Lydy and Ctein
20080322minicon099geoff 20080322minicon100geoff 20080322dave01geoffstonepic 20080322minicon101geoffneil 20080322minicon103consuite
Geof Stone 1
Geof Stone 2
DavE by Geof 3
Geof Stone 4
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