Minicon 2008

Minicon 43 was held March 21-23, 2008CE.
My brother Dan came in from West Virginia and we did a bid of sightseeing and he came to the con.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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20080322minicon104consuite 20080322minicon105daviderin 20080322minicon106audience 20080322minicon107panel 20080322minicon109panel
Outside Consuite
Dave Clement and Erin McKee
Unusual Jobs in Fantastic Worlds 1
Unusual Jobs in Fantastic Worlds 2
Unusual Jobs in Fantastic Worlds 3
20080322minicon108audience 20080322minicon111atrium 20080322minicon112davedan 20080322minicon113dan 20080322minicon114ed
Unusual Jobs in Fantastic Worlds 4
South Tower Atrium
Dave and Dan
Dan Perusing
Ed Rom
20080322minicon115consuite 20080322minicon116bonn_6003 20080322minicon117bonn_6005 20080322minicon118bonn_6007 20080322minicon119martin
Outside Consuite
Bonnie and Sharon 1
Bonnie and Sharon 2
Bonnie and Sharon 3
Martin Shafer
20080322minicon120spacecamp 20080322minicon121fury 20080322minicon123consuite 20080322minicon124light 20080322minicon125light
Seven as Fury
Consuite Light 1
Consuite Light 2
20080322minicon126pizza 20080322minicon127puzzle 20080322minicon129judy 20080322minicon130consuite 20080322minicon131lisamatt
Puzzle continues
Lisa and Matt 1
20080322minicon133panel 20080322minicon135scots 20080322minicon136trivia 20080322minicon138trivia 20080322minicon139trivia
Chas, Bill and Lisa 2
Bob in Full Regalia
Trivia Audience 1
Trivia Audience 2
Trivia for Chocolate 3
20080322minicon140trivia 20080322minicon141trivia 20080322minicon142trivia 20080322minicon143scientist 20080322minicon144scientist
Trivia for Chocolate 4
Trivia for Chocolate 5
Trivia for Chocolate 6
How To Destroy The Sun 1
How To Destroy The Sun 2
20080322minicon145reynolds 20080322minicon146billthad 20080322minicon147betsy 20080322minicon148xo 20080322minicon149corsett
Alastair Reynolds 3
Bill Higgins and Mike Cooley
Playing with the XO
20080322minicon150lisa_6291 20080322minicon151isakieran 20080322minicon152emilyjay 20080323minicon153dave 20080323minicon154rand
Lisa and Kieran 1
Lisa and Kieran 2
Emily and Jay
Dave Clement
20080323minicon155consuite 20080323minicon157consuite 20080323minicon158puzzle 20080323minicon160rachel 20080323minicon161rachel
A New Puzzle
Rachel Kronick
Ruth Berman and Rachel Kronick
20080323minicon162pambeth 20080323minicon163patriciarachelsm.jpg 20080323minicon164jerry 20080323minicon165jane 20080323minicon166strib
Pamela Dean and Beth Friedman
Rachel Kronick and Patricia Wrede
Jerry Stearns
Jane Yolen
Lois McMaster Bujold and reporters
20080323minicon167scarcity 20080323minicon168audience 20080323minicon169notes 20080323minicon170audience 20080323minicon171worldbuildingsm.jpg
Post-Scarcity Economics 1
Audience 2
Taking Notes 3
Early Audience 1
Worldbuilding Panel 2
20080323minicon173worldbuildingsm.jpg 20080323minicon172lois 20080323minicon174worldbuildingsm.jpg 20080323minicon175worldbuildingsm.jpg 20080323minicon177dave
Worldbuilding Panel 3
Lois McMaster Bujold 4
Worldbuilding Panel 5
Worldbuilding Panel 6
Steven and Dave 7
20080323minicon178michael 20080323minicon179closing 20080323minicon180closing 20080323minicon183joel 20080323minicon184closing
Michael Kauper 8
Closing Ceremonies 1
Closing Ceremonies 2
Joel Phillips 3
Balloons 4
20080323minicon185closing 20080323minicon186marian 20080323minicon187shawna 20080323minicon189shawna 20080323minicon190gohs
Closing Ceremonies 5
Marian Turner 6
Shawna McCarthy 7
Shawna McCarthy 8
Guests of Honor 9
20080323minicon191chairs 20080323minicon192fiona
Con Chairs Matt and Keith 10
Assassin Fiona 11

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