Convergence 2008

Convergence 10 was held July 3-7, 2008CE.
For their 10th event, Convergence went five days, though I was only there for four of them.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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20080704conv141sw 20080704conv142writers 20080704conv143writers 20080704conv144john 20080704conv145writers
Star Wars
Writing Contest Reception 1
Writing Contest Reception 2
Writing Contest Reception 3
Writing Contest Reception 4
20080704conv146starmap 20080704conv189starmap 20080704conv149damian 20080704conv148tech 20080704conv152damian
Star Map 1
Star Map 2
Damian Sheridan Reading 1
Tech 2
Damian Sheridan Reading 3
20080704conv154damian 20080704conv159beth 20080704conv172beth 20080704conv155justin 20080704conv157audience
Damian Sheridan Reading 4
Beth Kinderman 1
Beth Kinderman 2
Justin Hartley 3
Fan In Audience 4
20080704conv158dave 20080704conv160dave 20080704conv167dave 20080704conv173nikki 20080704conv174nikki
Dave Stagner 5
Dave Stagner 6
Dave Stagner 7
Nikki Walker 8
Nikki Walker 9
20080704conv161beth 20080704conv164bethnikki 20080704conv165beth 20080704conv166beth 20080704conv168jim
Beth Kinderman 10
Beth and Nikki 11
Beth Kinderman 12
Beth Kinderman 13
Jim Littlefield 14
20080704conv169jim 20080704conv170photog 20080704conv176rover 20080704conv177artshow 20080704conv179artshow
Jim Littlefield 15
Faron 16
Mars Rover Annotated
Art Show Check-in 1
Art Show Check-in 2
20080704conv180pirate 20080704conv181panel 20080704conv182audience 20080704conv183projector 20080704conv185projector
The Late Panelist
Rob Withoff
In The AV Room
Local Filmmaker Clips 1
Local Filmmaker Clips 2
20080704conv188hall 20080704conv190emily 20080704conv192hydrate 20080704conv193dating 20080704conv194beanie
In The Hall
Emily Stewart and Laura Thurston 1
Emily Stewart and Laura Thurston 2
Melissa Gregory
Propeller Beanie
20080704conv195peep 20080704conv196sw 20080704conv197consuite 20080704conv198stilts 20080704conv199stilts
Peeps At The Minicon Party
Star Wars
Consuite Relaxation
Bouncy Stilts 1
Bouncy Stilts 2
20080704conv200krushenkos 20080704conv201bonz 20080704conv203overhead 20080704conv204party 20080704conv205cabana
Eric Heideman
Chas and Bonnie
Overhead Outside A. S. S. Party
Alien Space Station
Alien Space Station
20080704conv206gene 20080704conv207hallway 20080704conv208hallway 20080704conv209parrot 20080704conv210hallway
Gene and Creation
Hall Costumes
Hall Costumes
Queen Anne's Revenge
Hall Costumes
20080704conv213mosicee 20080704conv214puppets  
Mos Icee Cantina
Making Puppets

I'm putting all the Connie's Lounge pictures here in one place rather
than placing them chronologically to contrast the black light shots.
  20080703conv038whyrd 20080703conv039video 20080705conv370lounge
  Connie's Lounge - Dr. Whyrd
Video Tech
20080705conv371lounge 20080704conv122mirror 20080704conv215lounge 20080704conv216lounge 20080705conv372mirror
Connie's Lounge Concert
Black Light Mirror
Black Light Mirror
Black Light Mirror
Black Light Mirror
20080704conv124putt 20080704conv125putt 20080704conv217putt 20080704conv218putt 20080704conv219putt
Nano Putt in Light
Nano Putt in Light
Nano Putt by Black Light
NNano Putt by Black Lightk
Nano Putt by Black Light
20080705conv373putt 20080705conv374putt 20080704conv126camera 20080706conv464lounge 20080706conv465end
NNano Putt by Black Lightk
Nano Putt by Black Light
Taping Connie's Lounge Acts
Connie's Lounge Tear-Down
Connie's Lounge Tear-Down

Back to chronological coverage
20080704conv220ops 20080704conv221minicon 20080704conv223minicon 20080704conv224minicon 20080704conv225suedean
The Bridge
Minicon 44 1
Minicon 44 2
Minicon 44 3
Sue and Dean 4
20080704conv226minicon 20080704conv227steve 20080704conv228hot 20080704conv229hot 20080704conv230balloon
Minicon 44 5
Minicon 44 6
House of Toast 1
House of Toast 2
Michael McDole 1
20080704conv231balloon 20080704conv235balloon 20080704conv236balloon 20080704conv237dave 20080704conv238dave
Michael McDole 2
Balloon Animals 3
Balloon Alien 4
Nancy and Dave 5
Dave and Balloon 6
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