Convergence 2008

Convergence 10 was held July 3-7, 2008CE.
For their 10th event, Convergence went five days, though I was only there for four of them.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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20080705conv356escal 20080705conv357cleanup  
After the Masquerade

Gathering all the Borg pictures together.
Dave Crawford started being a Borg many years ago, and his costume always gets more impressive.
  20080705conv332borg 20080705conv333borg 20080705conv358borg
  Dave Crowford as Borg 1
Dave Crowford as Borg 2
Borg in Mirror 3
20080705conv361borg 20080705conv378borgdance  
Borg in Mirror 4
Borg Dancing 5

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  20080705conv362howard 20080705conv363jerry 20080705conv364photog
  Howard Harrison 1
Jerry Stearns Badge Checking 2
Photographer 3
20080705conv365chest 20080705conv366jerry 20080705conv367jerry 20080705conv368piano 20080705conv369cabana
"We need to see your BADGE!" 4
Jerry Stearns Badge Checking 5
Jerry Stearns Badge Checking 6
Piano Conversation
Cabana Converation
20080705conv379peggy 20080705conv380peggy 20080705conv381andy 20080705conv383andy 20080705conv384andy
Peggy O'Neill 1
Peggy O'Neill 2
Andy Anda 3
Andy Anda 4
Andy Anda 5br> 
20080705conv385andy 20080705conv387peggy 20080705conv388peggy 20080705conv390music 20080705conv391andy
Andy Anda 6
Peggy O'Neill 7
Peggy O'Neill 8
Listening to Music 9
Andy Anda 10
20080705conv392natelouie 20080705conv393natelouie 20080705conv394nate 20080705conv395dai 20080705conv396music
Nate and Louie Bucklin 11
Nate and Louie Bucklin 12
Nate Bucklin 13
David Innes 14
Music Circle 15
20080705conv397natelouie 20080705conv399atrium 20080705conv400game 20080705conv401tarot 20080705conv403howard
Nate and Louie Bucklin 16
Atrium Conversation
Party Game
Tarot Reading
Greeting Howard 1
20080705conv404howard 20080705conv406howard 20080705conv407graham 20080705conv408howard 20080705conv409howard
Howard Harrison and Becca Leathers 2
Howard Harrison and Becca Leathers 3
Graham Leathers 4
Howard Harrison and Becca Leathers 5
Howard Harrison and Peggy O'Neill 6
20080705conv410music 20080705conv411andy 20080705conv412nate 20080705conv413nate 20080705conv414music
Music Circle 7
Andy Anda 8
Nate Bucklin 9
Nate and Louie Bucklin 10
Katrina and Eric Dam 11
20080705conv415fiona 20080705conv416bridget 20080705conv417seven 20080705conv418seven 20080706conv419music
Minicon 44 Party
Bridget Landry
Sara Trice 1
20080706conv420luke 20080706conv422luke 20080706conv424luke 20080706conv425luke 20080706conv427luke
Luke and Sara 2
the great Luke Ski 3
the great Luke Ski 4
the great Luke Ski 5
the great Luke Ski 6
20080706conv429luke 20080706conv432luke 20080706conv430luke 20080706conv434luke 20080706conv431luke
the great Luke Ski 7
"Jack Bauer" 8
"Jack Bauer" 9
"Jack Bauer" 10
"Jack Bauer -- 24!" 11
20080706conv433luke 20080706conv435luke 20080706conv437luke 20080706conv438luke1 20080706conv450luke12
"Jack Bauer" 12
"It Takes Who" 13
A Christmas Vendetta 14
"It's A Fanboy Christmas II" 15
"It's A Fanboy Christmas II" 16
20080706conv456wendy 20080706conv458mortem 20080706conv459tim 20080706conv460michael 20080706conv461chris
Windy Bowlsby and Pat Wick 1
Post-Mortem 2
Tim Wick and Michael Sheard 3
Michael Lee 4
Chris Jones 5
20080706conv462chris 20080706conv463ish 20080706conv467soup 20080706conv468kids 20080706conv469panel
Chris Jones 6
Ismael Williams 7
Soup In The Consuite
Kids In The Hall
TV Shows On DVD
20080706conv470vols 20080706conv471paint 20080706conv472ficorwin 20080706conv473tourney 20080706conv475tourney
Volunteer Table
Miniature Painting
Neysa, Fiona and Corwin
Michael Walking His Balloon Spider

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