2008 May Day Parade

The annual Mayday Parade, sponsored by In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, is a long-time Minneapolis tradition. This year, weather was terrific and all the roadwork was finished. The theme is based on the collapse of the I-35W Bridge, just a few miles from the parade site, which happened between last year's parade and this.
I took a bunch of pictures before and during the parade, some of the celebration/picnic at Powderhorn Park.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged. Return to Dave Romm's Portal.

Pictures are in semi-chronological order. Best to go from one large picture to the next, to see all the sequences and follow the flow from the gathering crowd to the parade to the activities at the park to the MN-STF picnic.

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20080504mayday118solarheadsm.jpg 20080504mayday121fuelclocksm.jpg 20080504mayday125fuelclocksm.jpg 20080504mayday124begreensm 20080504mayday122beeeyesm
Solar Head
Fuel Clock 1
Fuel Clock 2
Be Green
Bee & Eye
20080504mayday126beesm 20080504mayday128wearesm 20080504mayday129butterflysm.jpg 20080504mayday130butterflysm.jpg 20080504mayday131butterflysm.jpg
We Are
Butterfly 1
Butterfly 2
Butterfly 3
20080504mayday132butterflysm.jpg 20080504mayday133sunshinesm 20080504mayday135sunshinesm 20080504mayday136sunshinesm 20080504mayday137sunshinesm
Butterfly 4
Lake Street Laydown 1
Lake Street Laydown 2
Lake Street Laydown 3
Lake Street Laydown 4
20080504mayday138spongebobsm.jpg 20080504mayday139sunshinesm 20080504mayday140aaronsm 20080504mayday141kazoosm 20080504mayday142fifesm
Spongebob Squarepants 5
Lake Street Laydown 6
Aaron 7
Kazoo 8
Lake Street Laydown 9
20080504mayday143hornsm 20080504mayday144hornssm 20080504mayday145spongebobsm.jpg 20080504mayday147paradesm 20080504mayday148myceliasm
Lake Street Laydown 10
Lake Street Laydown 11
Spongebob Squarepants
Mushrooms and Mycelia 1
Mushrooms and Mycelia 2
20080504mayday150myceliasm 20080504mayday151myceliasm 20080504mayday152totemsm 20080504mayday153totemsm 20080504mayday155purplesm
Mushrooms and Mycelium 3
Mushrooms and Mucelium 4
Totem 1
Totem 2
20080504mayday156butterfliessm.jpg 20080504mayday157butterfliessm.jpg 20080504mayday158davidsm 20080504mayday159andrewsm 20080504mayday161brucesm
Butterflies 1
Butterflies 2
David Wilford
Andew Bertke
Bruce Schneier
20080504mayday160butterfliessm.jpg 20080504mayday162bandsm 20080504mayday164butterflysm.jpg 20080504mayday165endsm 20080504mayday167freespeechsm.jpg
Butterflies 3
Butterfly 4
The End of the Parade"
Free Speech Begins
20080504mayday168orlandosm 20080504mayday169paradesm 20080504mayday170paradesm 20080504mayday172greetsm 20080504mayday174nowarsm
Working the Crowd
End the War 1
20080504mayday175nowarsm 20080504mayday178krishnasm 20080504mayday180birdsm 20080504mayday181falloutsm 20080504mayday182joesm
End the War 2
Hare Krishna
Fallout Arts Initiative
Joe Agee
20080504mayday183fishsm 20080504mayday184totemsm 20080504mayday185treesm 20080504mayday186myceliasm 20080504mayday187sunshinesm
Guys in Trees
Down By The Riverside 1
20080504mayday188sunshinesm 20080504mayday190sunshinesm 20080504mayday191wearesm 20080504mayday197facessm 20080504mayday194hoopsm
Down By The Riverside 2
Down By The Riverside 3
We Are
Painted Faces
Hula Hoops 1
20080504mayday196hoopsm 20080504mayday198hoopsm 20080504mayday201deliasm 20080504mayday200elizabethsm.jpg 20080504mayday204brucesm
Hula Hoops 2
Hula Hoope 3
Delia and the Hood 4
Elizabeth Bendtsen
Bruce Schneier
20080504mayday206boatssm 20080504mayday207boatssm 20080504mayday211boatssm 20080504mayday212boatssm 20080504mayday215boatssm
Flotilla 1
Flotilla 2
Flotilla 3
Geese 4
Flotilla 5
20080504mayday217ceremonysm 20080504mayday219ceremonysm 20080504mayday221larpegsm 20080504mayday222fionasm 20080504mayday224joeandrewsm.jpg
The Flotilla Arrives 6
May Day Ceremony 7
Laramie and Peg
Joe and Andrew
20080504mayday225watchersm 20080504mayday226thorinsm 20080504mayday227tarotsm
The Watcher
Thorin Tatge
A Tarot Reading

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