The Heartland Project

Simple Truths for a Shameful Time

compiled by Baron Dave Romm

People on opposite political sides always seem to accuse the other of the inability to see things from their perspective. But usually, these differences are based on facts and interpretation of facts. This is no longer the case. Since 1981, the right wing in this country has just lost it. The biggest political flip-flop in US history was Ronald Reagan. Reagan excoriated Democrat and Repblican alike for 16 years, railing against deficit spending. He ran for president on a platform of a balanced budget. Once in office, he immediately betrayed his biggest campaign promise and went on to create massive deficits we have not recovered from.

The next biggest flip-flop is happening now: George W. Bush's lies before invading Iraq and ever-changing story since those lies were exposed. He gets to spew new lies, which are largely unchallenged by a cowed media.

Cognitive Dissonance rules. Believing one lie leads to believing a whole set of lies. Two generations of blatant lies have ruined a once-proud political party: To be a Republican these days, one must believe lies and not believe the truth.

Here are a few plain truths that no Republican will ever accept. They will rant and rave and clinch their sphincter in shame while they spin more lies, but that doesn't change the facts. Political labels and fads may change, but at some point basic human decency needs to reassert itself. It's time for the Heartland of America to reclaim the high road, to reestablish the moral compass that made this country great.

It's time to return to some semblance of reality. I'm not going to list cites: These statements are simple, obvious and well documented. Anyone who wants more information can do a Google search. Ranting by the conservative news media and right-wing bloggers doesn't count.

The Heartland Project
Simple truths: A preliminary list

Some anticipated responses and how to handle them.

Any additions? The basic concept is to make a list of things that are politically incorrect in today's ultra-conservative environment. Simple statements of fact that are true and easily demonstrated to be true that are the exact opposite of what the Bush administration, right-wing commentators and hate radio are saying. E-mail Baron Dave. Keep it simple, polite and perhaps a cite or two.

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