Not a conreport
Scans of Polaroids by David E Romm, digital pics by Sharon Kahn

Toad Hall, Idea #11 Collation, 10/25/97

Laura Krentz
Laura Krentz, coloring cover of Idea

Table 1
Collating first section.
l to r: Doug Wickstrom, Neil Rest, Nigel Rowe, Zane Melder

Table 2
Collating second section.
l to r: Linda Loundsbury, Lydia Nickerson, Denny Lien, Nathan Stohlmann

Beth Friedman
Beth Friedman, stapling
David S. Cargo collating second section in background

Kids playing in coatroom

Barb & David
Barb Jensen and David Emerson model t-shirts
Barb's t-shirt is the title of her Idea article, "I yelled at YANNI". David's t-shirt says, "My wife yelled at YANNI (and all I got was this lousy t-shirt)".

Dreampark, 10/25/97

Music party
Ctein listening to Joel Rosenberg (back to us) playing "Suite Judy Blue Eyes"
Background: JJ & Reed Waller, Felicia Herman

sock puppets
Playing with sock puppets
Amber Tatge and Aliera Brust (with green hair)

Playing Hakosot
Clockwise from Moshe Yudkowski (on right, holding Dixie cup): Moshe, JJ Waller, Amber Tatge, Toni Brust (?), Cally Soukop (?), Michael Pins, DavE, Thorin Tatge, David Emerson, Barb Jensen, Julie (?). Standing at right: Ron Searby

Barb w/Brains
Barb Jensen proffers leftover Jello Brains and Heart
Shlepped from her party Friday to Sharon's party Sat., which eventually made it to Carol's party Sun.

Dreamhaven, 10/26/97

Smoffing at Dreamhaven Books
l to r: Ben Yalow, Mitch Pockrandt, Victor Raymond (back to us), Dan Goodman (standing), David Dyer-Bennet

In The Corn Maze, 10/26/97

Hard Way Home
Sign says, "Hard Way Home, Really Hard"
l to r: Karen Babich, Richard Tatge, David Emerson, Barb Jensen
(we lost Nigel and Tom, but rendezvoused near exit)

Dead Dog Party, 10/26/97

Smoffing w/Ben Yalow
Smoffing continues
l to r: Linda Loundsbury, Felicia Herman, Ctein (standing), Beth Friedman, Ben Yalow, DavE, Michael Pins

l to r: Sandy (cat), Pamela Dyer-Bennet, Raphael Carter

DD-B and Carol
In the Basement
David Dyer-Bennet, Carol Kennedy

Thumbs up!
Good not-a-con! Thumbs up!
Laurel Krahn and New Zealander Tom Cardy

Rick Gellman
Rick Gellman, surrounded by foods

winding down
Winding down the not-a-con
l to r: Karen Cooper (fresh in from Octocon, egoscanning Idea)
Lydia Nickerson, DavE

winding down 2
Listening to Jonathan
l to r: Laurel Krahn, David Dyer-Bennet, Cally Soukop, Jonathan Adams

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