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Shockwave Radio Theater podcast February 23, 2009:  Wally Pleasant
Podcast Exclusive
Baron Dave Romm talks with Marscon 2009 Music Guest of Honor Wally Pleasant February 22, 2009.  We cover a wide range of subjects, from his roots to his quote in the Wall Street Journal.
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Shockwave Radio Theater podcast August 30, 2008:  A Libertarian Rage & MoveOn.Org
Podcast Exclusive
Baron Dave Romm interviews people in and around the performance of All Right's Reserved:  A Libertarian Rage on August 29th, 2008 and also interviewed people from MoveOn.Org in and around Sen.
Shockwave Radio Theater podcast August 24, 2008:  DFL Family and Fun Fair
Podcast Exclusive
The Democratic Farm Labor Party held a fundraiser at Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis on August 23rd, featuring a live dj, speeches from politicians, food, face painting, and many other
Shockwave Radio Theater podcast Aug. 22, 2008 State Fair Political Interviews
Podcast Exclusive
Baron Dave Romm interviews volunteers, candidates and other interested parties on the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, August 21, 2008CE.  I wandered up and down the Fairgrounds, stopping at
Shockwave Radio Theater podcast Aug. 18, 2008 MN Fringe Festival nearing the end.
Podcast Exclusive
Baron Dave  Romm covers the 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival with interviews of:
Andrew Connor of “Boom” and “The Cody Rivers Show”
Ben Sandell of “Strawberry Fields Temporarily”
Tim Voss, Fringegoer
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Coverage of the 2008 Republican National Convention includes pictures and interviews.
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