Dittohead Responses

And a few counters

This is a companion document to The Heartland Project. These observations have been made earlier.

Some anticipated responses: Telling a Republican the truth is like telling a four year old that there is no Santa Claus: They can't accept it, and will beat their little fists furiously against the adult that brings them into the real world. The will deny, distort, whine and lie some more. The lies, for the most part, fall into three categories which seem to derive from the rhetorical responses heard on hate radio. Many on the far right have spent more time with Rush/O'Reilly/Ollie than they have with their spouses, and it shows.

Dittohead response #1: Change the subject. Preferably to Clinton.

A counter: Don't change the subject.

Dittohead response #2: The "Everybody Does It" defense.

Well, no, everybody does not do it, and if they find isolated cases they certainly not to the extent or magnitude of the Republicans.
A counter: Okay, you just admitted the Republicans do it. Let's stick to them for a bit. Or are you soft on crime?

Dittohead response #3: The personal attack.

Mudslinging can take many forms, from the scatological ("You #$#@!&") to the urbane ("Ah, you're going for the absurd.").
Some counters: In general, try to resist sinking to their level (though that can be fun). Take the high road. Ah, I remember third grade...; Oh, so you're not even going to try to counter these arguments. I think I've made my point.; and at the last resort You're too far gone. You're not worth talking to. G_d bless you.

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