Photography Course 1973
Right out of High School, I took several courses at Orange County Community College in my hometown of Middletown NY before entering the University at Albany in the fall. The Photography course was divided into two sections, which I took a couple of years apart (I think). Photography I, 41131, was mainly theory but there was some darkroom work as well. Photography II, 41132, was more field photography and developing our own prints. The course was taught by Norm Pollack, who ran the downtown camera shop.
All the pictures here are scans of the prints, not the original negatives. I printed only a few of the pictures taken and didn't scan everything.
Pardon the graininess of the images. The originals look better, though I cleaned up some scratches and flaws in PhotoShop. Perhaps at a future date I'll scan the negatives or print the contact sheets with many more pictures, but in the meantime, this is it.
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Self Portrait 1

Self Portrait 2a

Self Portrait 1b

Self Portrait 3

Self Portrait 3a

Self Portrait 4


Grate & Shadow

Grate & Shadow




Egg In Dining Room

Egg In Dining Room

Egg 2

Egg 2a

Egg on Grill

Nick Polak 1

Nick Polak 2

Nick Polak 3

Nick Polak 4

Nick Polak 5

Nick Polak 6

Nick Polak 7

Nick Polak 8

Nick Polak 9

Nick Polak 10

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